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 The Smart Cities project is being implemented by Project Packets, which are consistent of specific Deliverables for each holder, and define the implementation needed  for each holder in order to successfully complete the project.


Specifically, the Project Packets (PP) of the Smart Cities are:

PP 1 includes all those necessary for the day-to-day management and coordination of the project, monitoring the progress of the physical and financial object, the primary responsibility of which the Principal Beneficiary has, the timing and compliance with the obligations towards partnership. 

IP 2 deals with information and publicity actions and includes information days, 2 for each municipality mainly targeting local bodies, representatives of local government and the general public, the creation of communication identity, printed and electronic information material, its main responsibility of which the Municipality of Lesvos has, as well as the web site of the act.

It concerns the collection, documentation and digitization of material of cultural and tourist interest by all beneficiaries. This material will be integrated into the digital platform (IP 4) developed by the Municipality of Paphos. In addition, a digital tour will be implemented in the Municipality of Chania, which will highlight the benefits of visiting the Municipality.



IP 4 includes the Development of a Digital Tourism / Culture and Entrepreneurship Platform, a common portal for promoting and providing advanced services to citizens and visitors of the municipalities of Paphos, Chania and Lesvos. In particular, a promotional, information and information platform will be developed for businesses located within the Municipality and beyond, where several electronic services will be provided, with the main project manager in the Municipality of Paphos. The same package includes the Development of Digital Applications of e-Democracy and Participation for the Municipalities of Paphos and Lesvos. The purpose of the package is to increase citizen participation, strengthen democracy and transparency, and reduce bureaucracy through a system that includes an Information Portal, Online Participation Platform, Online Polls and Consulting Communities, Social Networking Services, Social Services .



IP 5 relates to the preparation of Business Plans for the full implementation of the actions of the "smart" city in the municipalities of Paphos and Chania. This project will study, based on the specific characteristics and needs of each site, the extension of actions to the smart city with a range of areas affecting the operation of the city and those living, working and moving within it. It will also elaborate a Strategic Marketing Plan for the 3 cities that aims at shaping cities' identity and developing strategies and policies focused solely on city visibility, creating a strong, unique, attractive profile utilizing the deliverables of this project.



IP 6 deals with the Exchange of Good Practices and the Transfer of Knowledge through the organization by the Municipality of Lesvos and the participation of all beneficiaries in the Smart City workshop. How the Local Government can meet the challenge ”. The involvement of both company representatives and representatives of other municipalities with experience in implementing innovative actions from Greece and abroad will contribute decisively to the objectives of the program.