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The Project

The project "Developing Intelligent City Applications in Municipalities of Cyprus, Crete and the North Aegean", known as the SmartCities acronym, is part of the Interreg V-A program. Greece - Cyprus 2014-2020. The primary objective of the project is to create "smart cities" between the municipalities of Paphos, Chania and Lesvos. where the use of modern technologies will develop systems of interaction primarily with municipalities and then with their businesses and visitors.

The proposed project seeks to create "smart cities" cooperation conditions between partners where, with the use of modern technologies, systems of interaction will be developed primarily between Municipalities and citizens, and then with their businesses and visitors. The development of interaction systems and the increased use of ICT in areas of common interest will lead to the dismantling of the services of the Municipalities, as there will be an electronic service of the citizens, will contribute to the communication and cooperation between the municipalities. making them more efficient and immediate, reduce red tape, increase transparency and help simplify procedures by reducing time and costs for services and while creating conditions for active participation and communication with authorities but also for direct and valid information on issues of common interest.

The Municipality of Pafos is the Principal Beneficiary of the project, ie the main coordinator of the project. The other beneficiaries of the program are the Municipality of Chania and the Municipality of Lesbos. This project, which has begun its implementation in 2017 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, has a total budget of € 643,000.00. The project is co-funded by the European Union (ERDF) and by national resources of Greece and Cyprus.