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Participation of Municipality of Lesvos at the inaugural meeting of Smart Cities Smart Cities Development Program

The inaugural meeting of the "Intelligent City Applications Development in Municipalities of Cyprus, Crete and North Aegean" was successfully held on 30/11/2017 with the acronym "Smart Cities" at the headquarters of the partner partner in Paphos, Cyprus.

At the meeting attended by the Municipalities of Pafos, Chania, the Municipality of Lesbos represented with participation the employees of the Directorate of Planning, Organization and Informatics, Zoe Anatoliti and Michalis Ktenelis.

The object of the action is the development of applications and actions using ICT to improve the interaction of Municipality and municipalities, while at the same time creating an attractive environment for businesses, visitors and institutions. The overall objective of the project is to create "smart cities" cooperation between the Pafos, Chania and Lesvos Municipalities where, with the use of modern technologies, systems of interaction will be developed primarily with the municipalities and then with their businesses and visitors.

The specific objectives of the Act are:

The development of e-democracy and participatory applications,
The collection and digitization of material of natural, cultural, tourist interest,
The development of tourism promotion applications,
The cooperation of the Municipalities in the above areas
For the Municipality of Lesvos, priority is given to the development of digital applications. Specifically, within the framework of the action, e-Democracy and participation will be developed to enhance transparency, communication with municipal authorities and strengthen citizens' participation in planning and decision-making processes

The total budget of the approved transaction for all Partners is € 643,000.00, while for the Municipality of Lesbos it is € 145,600.00.

The operation is implemented under the INTERREGV-A "Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020" Cooperation Program and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) by 85% and by National Resources by 15%.